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Cleaning your sleep device

Do you look at your device and think - why does it have this white film on it? Why is it this brownish color?  

A common question that we are faced with regularly is- How can I keep my device clean? After all, it is going in your mouth every night! The following method can be done, using regular household products. Steps to keep your dental device clean:

1) Brush your appliance using a soft bristle brush with a soapy water mixture

2) Place on Towel to air dry

Choosing your soap matters, use a mild soap without moisturizer alcohol or antiseptic. Rinse your storage container and air dry before using it again at night. Before placing the oral device in your mouth, be sure to wash and rinse your device.

Be sure to brush your teeth and tissues before wearing your oral device. This will ensure that food and plaque are not sandwiched between your teeth and the oral device, minimizing the risk of oral decay.

The sleep apnea devices are heat sensitive, to ensure the devices longevity do not place in direct sunlight, leave it in your car, or in boiling water.

These cleaning tips can also be used for your orthodontic retainer or a night guard.

dirty sleep apnea device mouthpiece how to clean
A Dirty Appliance

Clean sleep apnea appliance
A Clean Appliance

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