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Latest Sleep Apnea Devices

Here are the new devices that can help prevent snoring and can serve as an adjunctive to CPAP:

1) Mandibular Advancement Device:

Through moving the jaw forward preventing obstructions at the base of the tongue. While these devices have been around for quite some time - there are many new models and versions emerging to increase patient comfort!

Mandibular advancement device - blue
Mandibular advancement device

2) Chin Strap:

In conjunction with using a CPAP a chin strap can be used. This allows the mouth to be closed to allow for more nose breathing. One issue with the chin strap is that it many times will force the jaw in a further back position which will create more obstruction of the airway. This obstruction can cause the sleep apnea to be worse.

Chin strap blue
Chin strap

3) Nose Strips:

Nasal strips can help the outside portion of the nose to stay open. In those with less cartilage around the nose the nose strips will help more allowing more air to enter the nose - preventing collapse. For some, a trip to your local ENT would be beneficial for them to provide more insight.

Nasal strip
Nose strip

4) Myofunctional Therapy:

While not a device these therapists can help train the muscles of the airway to rest and operate in a position that allows more airflow. Working with a therapist might help decrease the level of sleep apnea. The International Association of Orofacial Myology is a good resource for more information about myofunctional therapy.

Myofunctional therapist teaching
Myofunctional therapist

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